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Female owners can relate to this issue far better than most male owners.  Why? The answer is simple, most females at some point in their life will have had long hair and normally this would have been when they were quite young and under their parents supervision.  Especially their Mom.  They would have had to endure many an evening sat with tears in their eyes from the mom trying to detangle their hair and will know from these memories how much this process hurts.  


It may be something they have rolled in, caught a spikey branch in their fur which has gone unnoticed or they may even have had an upset stomach that caused their stools to be loser than normal. Sadly even with the best intentions matting of dog hair happens from time to time and for dogs the sensation of trying to brush these matts out is no different.  The only difference being is that they cant come to you and ask for you to help them.  



In the event of any dog needing a shave down/clip down, the Owner/s should be aware that irritation may occur from the shaving process, as well as uncovering nicks, cuts or other potential problems which have been hidden by the matted hair.  The Owner/s agrees that Maly's Cuts for Mutts shall not be held liable for any after-grooming effects of matt clipping procedures or problems uncovered on a badly matted, neglected coat which could include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Itchiness.
  • Redness.
  • Self-inflicted irritations from excessive external rubbing.
  • Self-inflicted abrasions from excessive external rubbing.




The Owner/s also need to be aware that there is also a much higher risk that your dog's skin could be nicked with the clippers, as we have to get the blade underneath the matts in order to remove the coat, although we will make every effort to avoid this happening.


If your dog has excessively matted ears, please be aware that when the matting is removed with the clippers, as the delicate blood vessels have been previously restricted this pressure can cause blood to rush to the tips of the ears, causing the ears to split at the tips and bleed.  Although we will do everything we can to avoid this happening (e.g. clipping in stages), this is sometimes unavoidable so you the Owner/s need to be aware that there is apossibility this may happen.


If this does happen, Maly's Cuts for Mutts would recommend cutting the end off of a sock and pulling it over the dog's head like a hoodie, holding the ears up over the dog's head.  Then take your dog to the vet to check out your dog's ears, but please be honest and explain why your dog's ears are bleeding.  This is due to the matted hair being removed, not to the ears being cut.




Maly's Cuts for Mutts reserves the right to refuse to groom any pet for the safety of the groomer and the dog - NO dog will be subjected to stress or discomfort.  A soft muzzle may be used, or services discontinued or refused for the wellbeing of your dog, and/or the groomer.


The Owner/s agrees to inform Maly's Cuts for Mutts prior to grooming if the dog has bitten or has aggressive tendencies.

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